Web Design
by Deane's Creative Arts

So you’ve opened a new florist business or a frame shop and you want potential customers to have a place to find information about you.  Your land management consulting business is well-established, but you are not represented on the Internet. Or maybe you and other volunteers are helping high school graduates find meaningful work and you're exploring options for ways to inform employers about their skills.  Have you organized a new band? Started a line of children’s clothing? Expanded your veterinary practice into a boarding facility? You feel the weight of the Internet Age, and customers or friends may have even mentioned that they looked you up and couldn’t find anything to help them learn more about you.

Maybe you even tried to create your own web pages, but the templates were unforgiving and the results looked nothing like the vision you started with.  How do you get your site hosted and get yourself listed on the search engines? Where's the time to figure out how to size your photographs and create placeholders for them so that the site doesn’t load at the speed of molasses going uphill in January? How do you upload everything, and what happens if the links don't work? Who’s going to maintain the site once it’s up? 

You know what you don’t want – you don’t want clutter, blinking lights, animated butterflies -- you just want something clean and simple, easy to navigate, with bright photographs. Something that gets your message across and has come-back appeal. Why should it be so hard? 

We at Deane’s Creative Arts understand what you’re going through and have the tools to help you solve your problem and get the web presence you need, working with you every step of the way to provide a useful site while staying within your budget.  What can be a headache for you is what we love doing – designing attractive and functional pages that represent YOU – whether you want to provide information, inspire confidence in your organization’s goals or products, or keep people of like mind connected on the Web.

We’re ready to discuss what part we might play in helping you achieve your goals, and leave you free for the work you’d really rather be doing than designing a website.  Drop us an email.  We'll help you turn this into a pleasant experience.

Enhance your site
with a slideshow!

By following the Sesame Street maxim of "entertain first, teach second," a slideshow on your website offers an excellent way to keep the attention of your viewer or potential customer while imparting information.

Slideshows to showcase your site...

custom business cards, photobooks, calendars... Use your design for extras